How to Set Up Your Computer for Repairs

When your computer system breaks down, what do you do? You’ll probably send it in for repairs. The thing is, you don’t just bring your laptop or desktop computer to the repair shop and expect that they’ll return it to you in the same state as before.

There are many things that a computer technician can do to your system to repair it and you’re at the risk of losing or sharing the files that are in it. Your computer will most probably contain important personal, work, or business information and you don’t anyone to have access to that. So what should you do to protect yourself and your data? Below are some tips.

1. Save your important work files in the cloud.

Before, external drives are the best places to keep important files. Now, more people are opting for cloud storage. Work files are best stored in OneDrive or Dropbox where you can access and modify them as needed. Those files are also easily accessible by other people if you give them permission. All changes made on the files are synced automatically.

2. Create a backup of hard drive.

Image backups are easily made these days and all you need is an external drive. This way, even if the computer technician reinstalls your operating system, you can still restore it to its original state using the backup image you created. Some people rely on Window’s System Restore feature but that would only work if the operating system is repaired and not reinstalled. However, you should also realize that restoring your computer to a later date state may mean restoring the problem that you’ve had with it in the first place. Ask the computer technician if this is something that you can do.

3. Protect important and sensitive files.

If you have files that you don’t want other people to open, put a password on it. A few examples of sensitive files include bank statements, credit card bills, tax forms, and other documents that contain personal information. You may choose to encrypt these files or delete them entirely after making a backup of them.

4. Remove the login password to your computer.

Most computers have a login screen before the desktop can be accessed. If you want your operating system to be repaired and not reinstalled, then you have to give the technician this information. Otherwise, they would have no other recourse than to format your hard drive. That means you’ll lose everything saved on your computer.

5. Explain the problem with your computer in detail.

It’s best that you write the problem on your computer on a piece of paper before shipping it out for repairs. If you’re taking the system to the repair technician personally, tell him the problem that you’re having in full detail. That way, they’ll understand what’s causing the issue and provide the best solution to it.

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